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Makar Sankranti and Black Sarees in 2023

 Makar Sankranti Sarees in 2023 by Preesma

Makar Sankranti is one of the important festivals celebrated in most cities of India. Like all Indian festivals, it calls for festivities like rich food, puja and dressing up in fineries. Also, women wear black saree on this day especially in Maharashtra.

Black is considered inauspicious by Hindu ideologies. However, it is kind of customary to wear black saree on Makar Sankranti to fight back evil. It is the day when the Sun starts its northern movement hence this day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Being the last day of winter, this day turns out to be the coolest day of the entire season. That is scientific reason people wear black saree since the color absorbs the cold and keeps the body warm from within.

Saris are the most versatile outfit one can choose and black is the ultimate pick. Whether it is a Kanjeevaram brocade sari or a chiffon one, saris help make a statement like no other. On Sankranti, you can ace the x-ray floral look or abstract designs in a sari that is hassle-free and stylish. Experiment with different blouses and drapes to find the right fit.

So it is the time to flaunt your black sarees on Makar Sankranti. In view of this the many saree shops in online like every year is showcasing wide and exclusive collection of black sarees. Preesma - Shop Smarter has brought an attractive collection of black sarees for Sankranti as well as bridal wears, lehenga cholis, traditional silk sarees in pure Paithani, Dharmavaram, Sambalpuri, Maheshwari, Banarasi, organza, patola etc across the world. Preesma Saree has also introduced never-seen-before range to serve the fashion conscious women of India across the globe. Preesma delivers sarees and lehengas all over the world.

Look your ethnic best this Makar Sankranti with some trending sarees and lehengas from Preesma in 2023

1. Black Color Paithani Silk Saree

2. Dark Grey Banarasi Woven Silk Saree

3. Black Soft Silk Saree

4. Balck Katan Silk Saree

5. Silk Georgette Saree in Black

6. Black Katan Silk Saree

7. Black Organza Silk Saree

8. Black Cotton Silk Saree

9. Black Khaddi Georgette Saree

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